For public listed companies, we continue to provide legal support to them after their IPO exercise in their Corporate Actions, such as preparation of shareholders circulars on Performance Share Option Scheme or Share Plan, Share Buy-back Mandate, Major Acquisitions or Disposals, Interested Person Transactions, etc.

In addition to the preparation of circular, we also assist our listed clients in secondary fund raising exercises. Such fund raising exercises include share placements, rights issues of shares or warrants, issue of convertible securities such as convertible bonds or convertible notes, etc.

In the course of our work, we represent our client to liaise with the regulatory authorities such as the SGX-ST, Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Securities Industry Council.


Technics Oil & Gas Limited

Circular dated 4 May 2015


Chiwayland International Limited

Circular dated 10 April 2015


Next-Generation Satellite Communications Limited

Circular dated 1 April 2015


GKE Corporation Ltd.

Offer Information Statement dated 17 March 2015


Unionmet (Singapore) Limited

Circular dated 29 September 2014


Lian Beng Group Ltd.

Circular dated 10 September 2014


Singapore Windsor Holdings Limited

Circular dated 14 July 2014


Elite KSB Holdings Limited

Circular dated 7 March 2014


Chaswood Resources Holdings Ltd.

Circular dated 13 February 2014


Travelite Holdings Ltd.

Circular dated 4 January 2014


GRP Limited

Circular dated 14 October 2013


Beng Kuang Marine Limited

Circular dated 15 July 2013


Japan Foods Holding Ltd.

Circular dated 2 July 2013

R H Energy Ltd.

Circular dated 11 July 2011

Healthway Medical Corporation Limited

Offer Information Statement dated 24 May 2011

Pan Hong Property Group Limited

Circular dated 21 December 2010

RH Petrogas Limited

Circular dated 29 November 2010

tri m

Tri-M Technologies (S) Ltd.

Circular dated 15 July 2009


Linair Technologies Ltd.

Circular dated 5 November 2008

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